Sucks to be you

Roses are red, Violets are blue, We're eating La Gitana pizza tomorrow, And Caleb isn't.


State of the Boat. #12 – My (One Year) Anniversary

I'm listening to Lamb of God right now so if this comes out reading angry, my bad.   Omerta.   Wow! One year...well, kinda. There was a few months there where I didn't write much of anything, maybe once or twice. Depression is very real and debilitating, in case you haven't noticed.   I want … Continue reading State of the Boat. #12 – My (One Year) Anniversary

the Aftermath of Debasing Criticism

Don't you know what you do? I'm sure of it.   sundried catacombs extraneously eviscerated subterranean pensiveness   The rhythm lost amongst the lyrics Shiny faced blurtings bordering nonsensical Cast it past the tips of Montawk Point Even past Malibu where they lay down to die   I'm sure of it. More so this time … Continue reading the Aftermath of Debasing Criticism

To the Hearts Cold and Blue

I wouldn't curse anyone with speaking my name. It's the syntax, you see. The odd pronunciation and roll of the r's, they give a feel that tends to leave people hurried and unsettled. I'd rather listen to radio pop, complete with claims of grandeur than hear someone's guttural attempts at passable duplications. I'd rather put … Continue reading To the Hearts Cold and Blue