Somewhere In There

I'm on the middle in between, Where your eyelids keep drooping to keep from staying awake. It seems I keep running to fall down onto the scabs that are my knees. After all, they're the preference when we walk on the beaches.   -Joey


You Got the Sand? – My Bad Fibromyalgia Day

Everything is numb. The same kind of numb I used to get when I sat on my leg for a few hours. Blood rushing to the appendages, every pulsing heartbeat an ache screaming inside of me. Only, it's my whole body and I just woke up from sleeping for 3 hours.   9:30....crap, I overslept … Continue reading You Got the Sand? – My Bad Fibromyalgia Day

The Boy With the Cellophane Eyes

Sorry, I've been listening to way too much Lucero lately. - Joey Smoking the cigarettes where they came from Lit up smile, glowing cherry red Burns away the whiskers of moustache grown 3 or 4 months now, achingly slow The yearning draw of his breath Metronome heart sped up alongside Long streams of white viscous … Continue reading The Boy With the Cellophane Eyes