State of the Boat. #8

Sometimes my balls feel like tits. Bloodlines. New Buffalo. The fine wrinkles, we have all of them. I swear this time I'll never forget. I swear this time I absolutely refuse to. So I'll write it down in my calendar, an electronic reminder for Google to not forget until it's deleted. Or some such other … Continue reading State of the Boat. #8

State of the Boat. #7

This year is already almost halfway gone! Spring has come, promising sunshine and frolicking and picnics. Oh my. Sorry, had to be done.  The Boat. has produced some of its best work recently, in my humble yet retrospective opinion. I feel I'm definitely finding my niche and flavor. Difficult when your girlfriend won't let you … Continue reading State of the Boat. #7

State of the Boat. #2

Salutations, everyone! Well well well, the New Year is upon us. I hope everyone is getting into the glorious and renowned "holiday spirit." Although why anyone would want to be joyous, merry, and giving only during the months of November & December, then fail to do so the remainder of the calendar year is well … Continue reading State of the Boat. #2