A Momentary Lapse

Today marked the 3rd full day I had been awake consecutively, so of course when I began seeing this thing in my head it didn't shock or surprise me. The sarcasm to myself, however, I took as a personal sleight to my integrity, to my core fundamental person. A sleight, I tell you. Goddamnit I've … Continue reading A Momentary Lapse


State of the Boat. #12 – My (One Year) Anniversary

I'm listening to Lamb of God right now so if this comes out reading angry, my bad.   Omerta.   Wow! One year...well, kinda. There was a few months there where I didn't write much of anything, maybe once or twice. Depression is very real and debilitating, in case you haven't noticed.   I want … Continue reading State of the Boat. #12 – My (One Year) Anniversary

State of the Boat. #10

Well, a few days early but why not go ahead and write it since I'm up anyway? See, insomnia isn't always such a bad thing. Dude, the keys to my keyboard are getting kinda slick. It's actually pretty disgusting. No seriously, it's really grossing me out right now. Sorry, I'm kind of a germophobe. So! … Continue reading State of the Boat. #10

State of the Boat. #8

Sometimes my balls feel like tits. Bloodlines. New Buffalo. The fine wrinkles, we have all of them. I swear this time I'll never forget. I swear this time I absolutely refuse to. So I'll write it down in my calendar, an electronic reminder for Google to not forget until it's deleted. Or some such other … Continue reading State of the Boat. #8