State of the Boat. #13

In Bloom is probably one of my top 10 songs all time. The first time I watched the video on MTV (I kmow, I'm showing my age over here) I was but a wee teenager with a constant erection and still laughed at farts. Things I liked about the video: Their calm, cheerful attitudes directly … Continue reading State of the Boat. #13


Stranded in the Night.

I like the rain. That is to say, I've always liked the rain, even when I was little. The smell of it right before it comes, the electricity in the air, letting it consume you....everything, all of it. Even now, 30 years later, I'll sit with on my patio and try to make out each … Continue reading Stranded in the Night.

A Momentary Lapse

Today marked the 3rd full day I had been awake consecutively, so of course when I began seeing this thing in my head it didn't shock or surprise me. The sarcasm to myself, however, I took as a personal sleight to my integrity, to my core fundamental person. A sleight, I tell you. Goddamnit I've … Continue reading A Momentary Lapse

State of the Boat. #12 – My (One Year) Anniversary

I'm listening to Lamb of God right now so if this comes out reading angry, my bad.   Omerta.   Wow! One year...well, kinda. There was a few months there where I didn't write much of anything, maybe once or twice. Depression is very real and debilitating, in case you haven't noticed.   I want … Continue reading State of the Boat. #12 – My (One Year) Anniversary

State of the Boat. #10

Well, a few days early but why not go ahead and write it since I'm up anyway? See, insomnia isn't always such a bad thing. Dude, the keys to my keyboard are getting kinda slick. It's actually pretty disgusting. No seriously, it's really grossing me out right now. Sorry, I'm kind of a germophobe. So! … Continue reading State of the Boat. #10