Morning Star

The devil sits on my left shoulder. He's curled there whispering incessant brazen nonsenseties; the velvet rolling ululation caressing my earlobe, hypnotizing drones I yearn to believe in. He tells me everything will be okay. He promises fulfilled dreams and fantasies galore. He begs me to unsheath the knife I grip ever so. His erection … Continue reading Morning Star


Lucky Number 7

  “But what if I want to pull my knife out?” Jenna asks, looking upwards into her father’s eyes.   Joey bends down on one knee, laying Carmac, the huge serrated knife he always carries with him, down on the floor to his right, grabbing his daughter’s left shoulder, “The urge is always there, sure, … Continue reading Lucky Number 7

I Guess This Is Growing Up.

Cotton balls pulled across the empty blackness, allowing the briefest rays of moonlight past the empty spots. The blanket pulled oh so tightly as the night tucks Seattleites in to their sleep. Smoke empties out from me, my exhale just another symptom.   I want to go back inside, you see. Sit on the armchair … Continue reading I Guess This Is Growing Up.

State of the Boat. #12 – My (One Year) Anniversary

I'm listening to Lamb of God right now so if this comes out reading angry, my bad.   Omerta.   Wow! One year...well, kinda. There was a few months there where I didn't write much of anything, maybe once or twice. Depression is very real and debilitating, in case you haven't noticed.   I want … Continue reading State of the Boat. #12 – My (One Year) Anniversary