My didactic drollery.

I remember when it used to be the place to drive. I would get so excited to see the bouncing slow motion hair; the throaty laugh exposed neck. Your eyes alluded to all of these. I would've stood there forever, after that night. You had me. Then...then is when it changed. And your eyes, the … Continue reading My didactic drollery.


A Momentary Lapse

Today marked the 3rd full day I had been awake consecutively, so of course when I began seeing this thing in my head it didn't shock or surprise me. The sarcasm to myself, however, I took as a personal sleight to my integrity, to my core fundamental person. A sleight, I tell you. Goddamnit I've … Continue reading A Momentary Lapse

To the Hearts Cold and Blue

I wouldn't curse anyone with speaking my name. It's the syntax, you see. The odd pronunciation and roll of the r's, they give a feel that tends to leave people hurried and unsettled. I'd rather listen to radio pop, complete with claims of grandeur than hear someone's guttural attempts at passable duplications. I'd rather put … Continue reading To the Hearts Cold and Blue