Luckily, I Can Swim

I've been thinking of how to respond. With humor? Empathy? Sadness? I suppose I chose all three, and then some. And why not? I've got all the time in the world, as long as it doesn't go past another 15 minutes. I'll skip the shower today. Hopefully everyone will understand. I really hope they understand. … Continue reading Luckily, I Can Swim


I Stand My Ground

I'm walking through the park, navigating past all the flag balloons and bunches of people flashing white teeth and sunlight off their sunglasses. We all are holding something in our hands.  One glance at my hat and the sour disapproval look of liberal haughty Seattleite comtemptuousness is blasted from them like the cold arctic wind … Continue reading I Stand My Ground

The Last Will and Testament of Joey Velasco 

It's a solitary tree stranded amidst the lush green grass and dandelion weeds. The wind pulls the billowy circle of seeds into the air, a blizzard blinding the horizon and the white snow capped mountains past that. The dark clouds ominously flash as the electricity is practically humming in the air. A crack of thunder, … Continue reading The Last Will and Testament of Joey Velasco¬†