I'll always be there to sing for you, To sing with you My dearth of winter, My warm blanket, My summer night sky Our first rumblings of laughter in our bellies; I carry you with me, Always


Something Else Less Witty Than

Ooooooooh, you know you had it You know we did And another baby’s whisper Wheezes on out of you The rattle you shook to fall When you fall     Ooooooooh, goin’ down goin’ down goin’ down To the fishing well And that nickel ain’t worth it Just ain’t worth the wish From me Break … Continue reading Something Else Less Witty Than


Bent over curled fist, Placing chin contrasting thoughts; Reckless Face past red, past purple, Time to pop the vein, Squish Squish Squish As the bits and pieces ooze slowly down the walls And incessant babbling from a tiny mouth Never stops; it never fucking stops The twirling, twisting, craning, jabbering Stream of nonsensical words turned … Continue reading STOP!!!!

My didactic drollery.

I remember when it used to be the place to drive. I would get so excited to see the bouncing slow motion hair; the throaty laugh exposed neck. Your eyes alluded to all of these. I would've stood there forever, after that night. You had me. Then...then is when it changed. And your eyes, the … Continue reading My didactic drollery.