Pretty Soon I Don’t Know What But Something Is Going To Happen

Maybe humanity will actually bend at the waist, Stoop down to the yellow bud and sniff deeply When the asteroid is barreling down through the atmosphere, A red orange yellow fireball the size of Texas, The metaphorical grim reaper grabbing His very real dick, allĀ giant and veiny, Ready to fuck the world justĀ as we do … Continue reading Pretty Soon I Don’t Know What But Something Is Going To Happen

I Stand My Ground

I'm walking through the park, navigating past all the flag balloons and bunches of people flashing white teeth and sunlight off their sunglasses. We all are holding something in our hands.  One glance at my hat and the sour disapproval look of liberal haughty Seattleite comtemptuousness is blasted from them like the cold arctic wind … Continue reading I Stand My Ground

Picnic In the Sun

The sideways glance, furtive and lithe Pillowed blue rolling soft and continuous  Her metronome breath billows warm  Secretive whispers, lips brushing conspiratoriously  We wear each other's arms around each other's necks  Binding us to one, forging our course Her toes on mine, as mine are on hers  Hearts racing faster as we pull tighter Together, … Continue reading Picnic In the Sun