Dexterity Is All the Rage

You're lucky this mask I wear has no cracks, Else I'd breathe fire Else I'd be anywhere, become anything. Well, not anything, exactly I'd be the thing you hate the most Become the thing you fear Revel in your anxiety; Help you bite your nails, gnash and gnaw and tear And you're lucky I take … Continue reading Dexterity Is All the Rage


the Aftermath of Debasing Criticism

Don't you know what you do? I'm sure of it.   sundried catacombs extraneously eviscerated subterranean pensiveness   The rhythm lost amongst the lyrics Shiny faced blurtings bordering nonsensical Cast it past the tips of Montawk Point Even past Malibu where they lay down to die   I'm sure of it. More so this time … Continue reading the Aftermath of Debasing Criticism