State of the Boat. #11

I'm late. Late to write this, late to go to sleep, late to wake up, late for work, hell, even late for the prom. No, I haven't forgotten about you. I've been waiting for the right time. For the rain to come back. Dreary days and sunny smiles, anxious to hear the pitter patter and … Continue reading State of the Boat. #11


Your Face Is Momentary.

Your reflection briefly passes on the blank television screen. The lights are off, which makes it that much more eerie. "Carol?" I call towards the doorway from my bathroom. Wet and cold, dripping with water fresh from the shower; I feel so vulnerable. The reflection shows again, walking past the lighted doorway mirroring me. A … Continue reading Your Face Is Momentary.

State of the Boat. #10

Well, a few days early but why not go ahead and write it since I'm up anyway? See, insomnia isn't always such a bad thing. Dude, the keys to my keyboard are getting kinda slick. It's actually pretty disgusting. No seriously, it's really grossing me out right now. Sorry, I'm kind of a germophobe. So! … Continue reading State of the Boat. #10