I was 34 when my doctor told me I’d be in a wheelchair in the next 20 years, give or take. “Give or take, what?” Were my exact words, give or take. That was 2 years ago and besides, what do doctors know, anyway? That was a different life and I am a different person, but then, aren’t we all?  Nowadays I play video games, grunt angrily at the cashier who rings up my groceries, drink coffee, and, well that’s pretty much it .


I travelled around frequently when I was a kid. We went all around the continental states except for the northeastern ones past New York. Racism is difficult to deal with when you don’t speak Spanish (even though your heritage and mom’s side of the family almost demands it) and when you “talk like a white boy,” though I still don’t know if that’s offensive or a compliment. Saturday morning cartoons with a big bowl of Luky Charmed (I don’t want to get sued) while watching Bugs be a jerk to everyone were my favorites, especially the opera one. And that bull that must’ve bench pressed like he had no life; dude was fuckin ripped.


The Navy allowed me to broaden my perspective even more by forcing me to travel the world. It introduced me to different cultures and philosophies. The smells and sights, food and rum, haggling and conversations of different people and places will be memories I forever cherish. It was my home for 9 years and found it to be a very difficult transition once they told me I had to retire. You don’t know how much strength you have in yourself until you stare straight ahead as someone with some serious halitosis is screaming in your face.


The humor I got as a way to learn to cope. It was easier than the truth; probably why I kept reading. Those and the cartoons. Oh and that I was in the Navy.


I’ve been writing since I was 16, so roughly the past 20 years. Give or take. I’ve been taking it seriously since November 2016, when I took the advice of a very good friend and began writing steadily. A self-published book is in the works for the near future.


I just want to make my art. I want to create something to make sense of what I have in my head. For others to laugh with me, cry with me, recognize all the horrible sadness and the sheer utter beauty in the world, with me.
Feel free to contact me for any other questions, should you choose to ask them. Until then, enjoy the sarcasm! – Joey



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