State of the Boat. #10

Well, a few days early but why not go ahead and write it since I’m up anyway? See, insomnia isn’t always such a bad thing.

Dude, the keys to my keyboard are getting kinda slick. It’s actually pretty disgusting. No seriously, it’s really grossing me out right now. Sorry, I’m kind of a germophobe.

So! Turns out someone else read the last State of the Boat.! That’s pretty awesome! I’m beginning to feel like an almost full fledged amateur writer now! I’d do the smile emoji but I don’t quite know how to do it from the keyboard, hold on a sec….Yup, there’s no special character for it.

This summer has been pretty brutal over in Joey’s world. Sorry, I mean Joey as in me, the writer, not Joey the character portrayed in several of the short stories I’ve written over the past several months. But, that being said, Joey the character has been pretty busy! He danced away in the doctor’s office, bought a prostitute, destroyed young love, almost had security called on him at the airport, and even went shopping! Dude is all over the place! He’s totally doing it right, eh? Eh?

10 months. That’s quite a bit of time. One hundred and twenty one posts, that’s a good bit of myself I’ve thrown out there. I even went and described one of my bad fibro days, which was…well, I’ve put some really personal stuff out there for everyone to read but that one was especially difficult. Announcing my weakness for everyone to see was one of the harder things I’ve done lately.

I should be writing something special for the upcoming year anniversary, but I haven’t so far. Oh by the way, almost everything I’ve posted here is a first draft, with minimal edits before pushing it out. Perhaps I’ll post some of my manifesto?

I too, am anxiously waiting to see what it’ll be. Until then, Miasma by Black Dahlia Murder is playing on a loop inside my head. Especially when I get out in public and smell the stink of society. “We shall bark at the moon.” Truer words.

– Joey


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