The Boy With the Cellophane Eyes

Sorry, I’ve been listening to way too much Lucero lately. – Joey

Smoking the cigarettes where they came from

Lit up smile, glowing cherry red

Burns away the whiskers of moustache grown

3 or 4 months now, achingly slow

The yearning draw of his breath

Metronome heart sped up alongside

Long streams of white viscous tendrils wrapping over the brim

Brown cowboy hat pulled down low

Covering the conversation piece he’d much rather forget

The more he takes, the longer it seems to be

Chuckling chorts trailing off to bulging red bug eyed coughs

The dropped last bit forgotten in the cold

Blood spattering the sidewalk drooling from his mouth

He stands up and wipes his hands,

his eyes and lips, too

Fishing around in crinkling plastic

“Last one,” he sighs.


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