State of the Boat. #9

Well it seems apologies are in order. I’ve been denying the world of my genius and that simply needs to change. Ugh, sometimes it hurts to be this good.


I’ve been simmering several poems and stories in the ol’ noggin for a couple weeks now, wanting to make sure they were ready before releasing the stench into the world. And stink they do. I mean seriously, I’ve been going vegan the past couple days and my intestines are doing some serious housecleaning. Shit (pun!) is so not cool.


Let’s see, so I’m 5 days late writing this update, as I try to post them on or slightly before the 14th of every month. Which is fine, there is literally only one person who reads this (Hey sweetheart!), so no harm, no foul, eh? I’ve also submitted two short stories and 3 poems to an online magazine who previously rejected me in favor of…well I’m gonna go with humdrum pedestrian musings which were allegedly gruesome but instead came off as simple. If you were to say something along the lines of, “My that was quite an elaborate essay for an 8 year old!” I wouldn’t have disagreed with you.


Two stories and one more poem on the way, gotta space that shit out. Tease the cock, ya feel me? Don’t worry, it’s not gigantic so there’s not much to pay out. And finally, finally I have gotten the bug to continue writing the much anticipated yet highly obscured novel.


Go team no one cares!




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