Take me by the empty lake

You want me to caress it

Show me the puckered, swollen red and hot frayed edges



You hit all the talking points

You do your best to sell it

Showing me the emptiness of it



We stare for hours

Or minutes, I forget



“Atone in it, be reborn from it,”

You whisper around the shaking of my hand

Around lips curling upwards into a grimacing smile,

“Love it dearly”



Led by the wayward heart; darkened spirit

Sharpened edges of shark’s teeth,

They cut your tongue as you lick your lips



And laughter, always echo-y and bouncing upwards

My resolute stance

Parted feet shoulder width

Set lines carving out the features

Dictating directions of future revelations



After all the bluster

After all the red faced exasperation

and pleading and begging

After every last word spoken

Amidst the deafening silence,

Comes my response.


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