State of the Boat. #7

This year is already almost halfway gone! Spring has come, promising sunshine and frolicking and picnics. Oh my. Sorry, had to be done. 
The Boat. has produced some of its best work recently, in my humble yet retrospective opinion. I feel I’m definitely finding my niche and flavor. Difficult when your girlfriend won’t let you cook with salt. 
There’s no joke there, she seriously doesn’t want me cooking with salt. Have you ever cooked pasta without salt? Fish? Chicken? Bland Bland Bland Bland. 
Sometimes you’ve gotta push yourself closer to death in order to justify living. Or so I’ve been told. 
What’s new on The Boat.? Well, I’ve been slowing down. In pretty much all things. I’ve been working on a book, which has been taking up all my time recently. Well, not exactly. The antidepressants really are killing my creativity. So now it’s a choice between continuing to take them and feel washed out, or try something different and have my livelihood?
Decisions, decisions. I really hate being a grown up. Give me metal transformers thrown at my face, getting beat up by older cousins simply because I’m younger and smaller, no choice in what vegetables are served for dinner. Yeah. 
Sincerely, thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing in the laughter, in the sorrow, in stopping and recognizing beauty, however fleeting it is for you. 
Thank you for your time, which indeed is finite. 


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