Weather Changes Moods

I am thoroughly enjoying my retirement. It is way better now than it has been for years, though at times it still does get a bit lonely.

I have to admit, even though I’m a Texan, I’ve warmed up to Washington the past several years. This past year especially so. Sure, I’ve always thought this state was one of the more beautiful ones in my country, but I hadn’t felt like it was home until recently. 

Sunshine and Princess bandages and cowboy boots, oh my. I’ve used that one before but it still slays me. 

Intoxication aside, there’s nothing quite like waiting months for a beautiful day to come along and wipe the dreariness from the forefront, comforting though it may be. Maybe one day I’ll get washed away with the rain. Yes, that was a reference. 

It’s not all psychopaths and bloodshed in my little sphere of influence. Sometimes it’s the chirping birds and the white puffy collection of gases visibly scattered overhead. 

Sometimes I can’t help but smile. 


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