What’s Your Favorite Color of Your Favorite Car?

I sing loudly and I sing often

Tucked away in the corners of my

little apartment

The place where I’m free, the place where words hang unspoken

Hot spaces making sweat pour

reflecting the rainfall outside

Come take all of this from me, if you can stand

the awful tunes blasting heretofore

As I spin and twirl and dance to all the music

As I carefully put down the mask

I hold always with my right, the handle in my left

Leading to the door, locked several times over

The pale and sunken and sickly thing, kept

out of the sunshine, out of the wind, out of the echoing voices

That I shiver from, in fright from,

That I spite and hate, that I yell


to, shake my stick at all of it

In the hopes, in the prayers,

with every rotten and stinking piece of me

That no one will ever, ever see



©Ramon Sturdivant



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