Holding Hands

Your sleeping torso lies quiet, a moving, breathing thing Left alone to its own vices, turning merrily round it goes Around the clock, the numbers going faster to a blur, a monotone wash forgotten dreariness; Heaviness, set down; Abandoned     Curves underneath the blanket, heave up and down, up and down Temporary impressions held … Continue reading Holding Hands


Weather Changes Moods

I am thoroughly enjoying my retirement. It is way better now than it has been for years, though at times it still does get a bit lonely. I have to admit, even though I'm a Texan, I've warmed up to Washington the past several years. This past year especially so. Sure, I've always thought this … Continue reading Weather Changes Moods

What’s Your Favorite Color of Your Favorite Car?

I sing loudly and I sing often Tucked away in the corners of my little apartment The place where I'm free, the place where words hang unspoken Hot spaces making sweat pour reflecting the rainfall outside Come take all of this from me, if you can stand the awful tunes blasting heretofore As I spin … Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Color of Your Favorite Car?

Overtones of a Sunny Washington Afternoon

The wind in the trees, the words on the page Salt in the air, makes them cascade Over and over, Upon the rocks as it washes them away The sounds of the crashing, Pulling and dragging Rocks turned pebbles turned grains of sand You jut up lonely, solitary Stranded amidst the scenery A reflection echoes … Continue reading Overtones of a Sunny Washington Afternoon