I’ve Been Thinking of Leaving

The waves are flat today, dear

the sails are reticent

in the lackluster wind


Let’s billow them out together, dear

blow with our collective might

red faces and cheeks bulging


Perhaps we could laugh then, dear

the sight we could be

an upended folly, so very carefree


No whitecaps on the waves today, dear

with it we can see for a very long way

no telescopes or sextants

to guide us from the reefs; no wind to throw caution to


We could cut the ribbon, dear

break ground on the new regime

pledge ourselves to this institution

this agenda; this playbill


No one to blame but ourselves, dear

fearing the last grain of sand

as it passes through the choke

the epicenter; the apex


Exhale the Washington breath, dear

lost in the patter of the rainfall

eyes locked in their embrace

You and I together, dear

hand in hand as we jump from the cliff

the sheer drop so intoxicating

A kiss on the cheek, dear

a wet reminder; the kind just for me

every bit the first, as much as the next

We could thumb our noses, dear

not miss a beat on our skip through town

laughing with the wind at our backs

Who cares for tomorrow, dear

it is so long from now, and the hourglass

has moments to end; uncaring for the remainder



©Ramon Sturdivant








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