Jack Rabbit Slim

Jack was ready.  This was the day.  He could hear his friends behind him.  Some supportive, some scared and the others, well the others could go screw themselves.  It was the perfect evening, the cicadas were creating their usual symphony.  A light breeze rustled through the grass.  Looking up,  Jack could see the moon starting to peek out from behind some clouds.   Yes, this was his time to shine.

Jack looked across the road.  All he had to do was get to the other side.  That was it.  Just run across twelve feet as fast as he could, and he no longer would be referred to as a bunny, but he would become a Rabbit.  Rabbit! Oh, what that meant to him, you could only imagine!  No longer would he be the source of ridicule.  Instead, he would become a legend!  Besides bunnies never got any tail, but once he became a rabbit he would get all the tail he could ever handle.

“All right Jack, you ready for this?” Kristoph inquired.  Jack merely nodded his head.  Nothing was going to distract him.  “The rules are simple.  When I see the lights approach, I’ll give you the signal and all you gotta do is run.  That is it.  Make it to the other side and you’ll be a part of the herd.”  Jack of course knew all this.  In fact had been waiting for this day for some time, and nothing was going to stop him tonight.

He hunched as tightly as he could, trying to get ready for the biggest spring of his life.  Every muscle was a taught as it could be.  His ears were pinned down to give him better aerodynamics.  He dug his hind legs in to the ground, and waited quietly.  He wasn’t looking anywhere but straight ahead.  No distractions,  he told himself over and over.

“GO!”  The word sounded like the thunder that occurs in fall with no rain.

Jack leaped forward with all of his strength.  He didn’t dare look to the side, just keeping the eye on the prize.  He could feel the hard road beneath his feet.  A pebble broke away, nearly causing him to lose his footing.  Nearly,  but not quite.  He was on a mission.   Each leap forward seemed to take an eternity and he felt that he was going nowhere.

Just as he felt a strong gust of wind almost yank him backwards, his feet struck grass.  Panting, he looked over his shoulders and saw a blur.

Jack leaps into the air, exclaiming, “Yeah, biatches!  Who’s the bunny now?  Ain’t no bunny here!  Jack Rabbit in the house!”  Overjoyed, he begins to dance. Caught up in his victory, Jack does not notice that he has moved slightly back onto the road.  Over the beating of his heart he cannot hear the yelling from his comrades.  Only too late does he see the lights bearing down upon him.

Frozen in place his mind begins to think, “Oh, shi…”  But the thought never makes it out of him.  There is no pain, no comfort, nothing. He does not feel the force of the tire as it breaks every bone in his body, nor when his body ruptures.  For one minute Jack was here, and in the blink of an eye he is gone.  Nothing left but a red stain on the black road of death.

“God dammit!  Why are there so many damn rabbits on this road!”  The driver exclaims while he can hear the crunching of bones underneath the front passenger tire.


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