State of the Boat. #5

Anniversaries. Everyone has them. Isn’t it funny how we mark off time, measure it, remind ourselves of it, run our lives by it? Our diminutive efforts against an inevitable enemy. The length of a song, a day, an hour, a heartbeat, a lifetime.


So many of my poems and short stories revolve around time, and rightfully so. It’s the master of all things. The guideline by which we linear beings live and die, rise and fall. Yet so many of us cannot help but be beguiled by this faceless adversary. If there’s one thing I can say with certainty, it’s this: Don’t forget the time you have in this existence is finite. The precious little amount you have isn’t something to squander extravagantly because it’s one of those things you’ll never, ever get more of.


And now on to more pressing concerns…


In last month’s issue I spoke of wanting to write more short stories. I feel like I’ve met that goal, with more than several stories gracing the Boat. the last couple weeks. There are still several more stories I’ve been creating in my head, so look forward to those.


RaginHulk007 (dear god James, change that name) our new author, should be publishing his first foray very soon.


Until next month, enjoy the sarcasm! Fuck you, Bob.




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