People never notice anything.

My dearest friend, wielding the knife

Hewn from bone, I gave you so long ago

I cut it out, I put it in your hand

With a wink, and a nod of my courtesy

You claimed your promises, unheralded boasts of

Times long past, memories end to end

You scrawled them out on my chest,

The tic-tac-toe, a stark contrast


My dearest friend, I beg you to finish

This foolhardy stoicism, this blind stubborn pride

And lack of surprise, no empathy in sight

Blunder words, stumbling and falling

This awkward silence driving the cataclysm

Scorned and burnt and devoid of living


My dearest friend, in the closing thoughts

Of my days, of my prayers, of my wishes well and true

A turn of the hourglass, once, twice

More and more, living through the sunsets

And memories we stroll, before our hands are gnarled

Before I’m forced to hew another from my bone

Turned faces, cheeks follow suit

Laughter echoes, words spoken, hugs askew


My dearest friend, this un-rhyme just for you

To prove to you, finally, how deep your cuts can be

The closest take the sharpest knives, carve the deepest wounds

The highest drop, the highest folly

Regrets weigh heavily, lying on my chest

Next to the games we played, as my brother stomped


My dearest friend, you know me from before

And after, even now

Both children running blindly

Each other’s shadow, comforts from those frights

I was there to soothe you, and argue, and plead

The expiration date unnoticed, as people tend to forget

When they’re having fun



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