We Could Have Been

The nicked spot, tinged and dirty; dented.

Lying haphazardly on the wall before you.

Inhale deeply, close your eyes.

Hold it, hold it, hold it.

Until your pulse is lighting up the black,

explosions of red tinged yellow; violet cascading orange.

Until your head is dizzy and listing to port;

exhale slowly, fluttering your eyelids as you go.

Stare at the white wall;

naked shoulders and bare ass on carpet,

heels on knees with straightened spine.

The indentation becomes the center;

blackness forming the outlines.


It should be so easy, ridding yourself of the fire

desperately attempting to consume you.

You should be so appeasing, wearing outfits

made to go with a song; dancing all in a line.

They should be so perturbed, heads down so long

their aches and pains are long forgotten.

We should be so audacious, staring at the extinguisher

as the fire inches higher, further and further

yet so long to go;  past the horizon and off the edge.


I need you so much closer to me;

Why are you so near?

Get away, run faster.

To the place we should call our own,

together we had it;

Together we destroyed it, you and I.

Under the sun, smiling all the way.

Tears in our eyes as we held the hammer together;

choked shouts and cries of forgiveness.

The tumbling, crumbling walls a response;

Silence, our castigation.


The smirking, shameless answer, a

cocky smile askew amidst arrogant eyes;

shining and glee and merciless daggers.

“It should be so easy,”

whispered to the emptiness before you;

The only friend who won’t take the hint, who refused to leave

once the party was over; once the clock struck midnight.

And we never did find a way to say the things

that we swore we would,

that we knew the other felt,

that lied in the emptiness between us;







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