I’ve Been Thinking of Leaving

The waves are flat today, dear the sails are reticent in the lackluster wind   Let's billow them out together, dear blow with our collective might red faces and cheeks bulging   Perhaps we could laugh then, dear the sight we could be an upended folly, so very carefree   No whitecaps on the waves … Continue reading I’ve Been Thinking of Leaving


The Baggage Car

I can only hope you've enjoyed your stay The time spent here, in the shining sun Smiles and laughter echo in the warmth Accentuating our stay here, our story, here. Together we can sing off key, Together, you and I, we can make this harmony If we try, could we try? We should try. Another tale, … Continue reading The Baggage Car

Jack Rabbit Slim

Jack was ready.  This was the day.  He could hear his friends behind him.  Some supportive, some scared and the others, well the others could go screw themselves.  It was the perfect evening, the cicadas were creating their usual symphony.  A light breeze rustled through the grass.  Looking up,  Jack could see the moon starting to … Continue reading Jack Rabbit Slim