Goldilocks and Her Two Bears

Who doesn’t like a tragedy? Here’s my first try at one, enjoy! – Ramon



“Oh God Goldie, don’t stop! Keep going, I’m about to finish!” Brer squeezes Goldilocks’ hips and grunts and can’t stop his eyes from rolling back in his head.


“Fuck ya! Give it to me Brer! You know how I want it!” Goldilocks says to Brer above her noisy moans. Her naked sweaty body writhes and bucks on top of Brer Bear, eagerly racing to climax with him. He pushes his left paw against her face, sticking two clawed digits into her mouth as he does so, pushing her gaze towards the microwave just as she’s about to start her deep bucking throes of climax.


“Shit!” She screams as she registers the time. “I’ve been here way too long. He’s going to notice this time,” she says more to herself than to Brer. She pulls up and off him as Brer groans and tries to keep her pinned down on him, still moving his hips. “I was about to cum!” He whines.


“I’m going tell him today, I promise.” She says as she walks around her discarded clothes on the floor. She picks up, then slides into her dress, pulling back her wavy, golden hair behind her ears. “I’m sure he already knows anyway,” She chides jokingly. “I have been out quite a bit lately.” She looks back to him, giving him that mischievous grin he fell in love with.


Brer smiles his own smirk, “I know, I just don’t like sneaking around him. He is my best friend, after all.”


“Not after Thursday. My lawyer tells me they’ll serve him the divorce papers that day. Did you get the tickets for the cruise all ready to go?” She looks back at him and begins putting her earrings back in. Not bothering to get up from off the kitchen floor, his lipstick still out and fully erect, Brer replies, “Yes, everything is ready to go, aside from you.” He teases her.


“I know and in just another two days, I’ll be all yours, promise.” She walks over and kisses him, lightly caressing his giant bear penis in her petite, pale hand. “Okay but for now I have to go, I’ll call you later. Love you!” She calls out as she walks out the door. Brer, his head raised and following her around, lets it fall. “Fuck,” he says aloud, his dick throbbing with blue balls.


– 35 minutes later –


Goldilocks keeps her dark shades on, not wanting her picture to be taken yet again by the paparazzi seemingly always stationed outside her house. They’re always fucking here, she thinks as she hits the button for the gate to her and Baby Bear’s mansion. She looks over to her right, making sure those jack asses aren’t jumping in front of her car, and just for a split second, the bodies part and she sees through to an orange vest. ”OH FUCK!” She screams, “He’s fucking here!” She stomps on the gas pedal as she enters through the gate, crashing into the garage. She presses the button to close the gate with shaking hands.


The coffee she just got for her and Baby Bear spills all over the interior of the car. The paparazzi just outside the gate are sent into a frenzy by the accident, a droning babble of endless, mindless questions and profanities directed towards her. The flashes from the cameras momentarily disorient her as she steps out of the car. “911 what’s your emergency?” The operator politely asks. In her daze she hadn’t even realized she had her phone in her hand, let alone dial 911.


“This is Goldilocks from the stories, the fucking hunter is back! I just saw his orange vest! Oh shit, send everyone! He’s not going to take my Baby Bear!” She’s screaming wildly into the phone, trotting towards the door leading into their home. The car is left in drive and doing its best to drive forward through the inward dented rolling garage door. She doesn’t see the cameramen and reporters scaling the walls, making their way inside their yard.


“Okay ma’am, I need you to calm down and give me some more information. Who’s there with you?” The operator says soothingly.


Goldilocks enters through the door leading into the kitchen, where she sees Baby Bear sitting at the table, his arms crossed against his chest, growling out angrily to the emptiness. “Babes!” She speaks it almost in a whisper, temporarily losing her breath in shocked response to his demeanor. He knows. She drops the phone as Baby Bear suddenly almost jumps up, sending the chair he was sitting slamming into the counter behind him.


He walks around the heavy oak table passed down after the Hunter shot and killed Papa and Mama Bear almost 20 years ago, closing the gap between the two of them, “So, when were you going to tell me? Hmmm? You cheating whore!” He screams as the back of his left hand slaps her across her left cheek. The tinny voice from the operator is drowned out by Baby Bear’s growls and the shouts of the reporters coming outside as they continue their mindless, absurd barrage of endless shouts and questions. The cameras flashing almost constantly, not wanting to miss a single instant of the scene unfolding through the window.


“Babes, we have to get out of here! The hunter is here, I just saw him outside! Please, none of that matters, we have to go!” She screams at him, her trembling body barely allowing her to stand. Her right hand holding her cheek, the other out between the two of them almost like a shield, desperately trying to get him to calm down.


“No, Goldie! I’m not going to fall for your bullshit! Again! WHO IS IT?! You had better start FUCKING TALKING!” He roars as he steps again towards her, spittle dangling angrily from his vicious fangs ominously, his mountainous frame heaving up and down.


“Please. Please we have to go, please Babes, please.” She whispers breathlessly. Baby Bear snaps at the last syllable, throwing himself into a rage as he swats her with his claws out, tearing into the flesh that was merely red only moments ago. He roars loudly and tears into her body with his giant jaws, pulling out huge chunks of flesh for the woman he gave 10 faithful years to. All the ridicule, the hate, the ignorance directed at them both, the sleepless nights spent crying in embarrassment and shame from being in love to the woman who gave way to the Hunter. They had each other after the police came and arrested the Hunter. The ensuing trial thrusting them into infamy when all he wanted was to mourn his parents. She was there through it all. She was his life.


The man known only as the Hunter, wearing an orange vest, orange hat and wielding the .350 Remington, walks into the kitchen quietly and slowly, not wanting to scare off the huge bear. He puts the buttstock into his shoulder and aims down the sights. He breathes in, setting his finger on the trigger, exhales slowly, and pulls the trigger right on the cusp before the inhale. The huge BOOM from the .350 tears through the bear right behind his left foreleg, piercing his heart and slamming the huge bear backwards into the refrigerator behind him.


The Hunter cautiously stalks over towards the mound of dead bear, reloading the huge gun as the buttstock still sits in his shoulder. He raises the gun to eye level, peering over the mountainous black shoulders of the dead bear, confirming the kill shot. “It’s about time I finished the last of you off, prick,” He drawls out with a slightly Kentuckian accent. He raises the gun by its barrel and swings down onto the dead bear’s head, “She’ll be dead soon enough, with all that blood she’s choking on.” He spits onto the floor next to Baby Bear as the paparazzi flood into the small kitchen.


Their obscenities and questions still being hurled as they crowd in, shoulder to shoulder. Satisfied with the kill shot, the hunter turns around, putting one foot on the huge bear’s shoulder, and beams widely for his picture. “Who wants some steak tonight!” He says loudly to everyone as he begins to, with help from the cameramen, pull the huge dead bear out towards his beaten old truck parked on the street. Goldilocks, still struggling to breathe, can hear the raucous crowd slowly leave. Only the sound of her choked gasps to bide the time before she dies.


An eternity later, she hears sniffing on the floor next to her. She knows it’s Brer. She can hear his whimpers and sniffles, “Oh Goldie, I’m so sorry, but I have to.” Brer licks his lips, ready to finish off his lover. He bites into her gently, lovingly, crying and sniffling as he does so. “It’s okay, I forgive you. I lov-“


She doesn’t get to finish her sentence, as the bear can’t stand when his prey begs.


©Ramon Sturdivant


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