Concupiscence of My Toddler Bike

Never have been good at rhyming, so I went ahead and wrote a death metal song about my strong sexual desires for a girl’s toddler bike. Apologies for the bad rhyme in advance, was focusing more on the syllable count.



The handle bar molestation

Leads to partial insemination,


Ridden harder, hands gripping and caressing

This pink and purple streamer admiration,


And butterflies singing, stinging

My dearth they are a bringing,


Ridden white turned black smudges

Training wheels, turning still

The erection I keep feeling,


Chains caressing me,

Greasing me, pleasing me,


Sweat drips onto the seat

Stuck between each cheek,


Come home with me

Come home with me,


My girl’s bike of pink and white

With you and me we could always,

Share ourselves, just for tonight


©Ramon Sturdivant



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