You’re Gonna Be the One That Saves Me

Thinking of those greens as I thrust forward with all of me Giving you everything I am, and everything I will be You pull me close in reciprocating hunger Thirstily drinking all you can, grabbing all you desire; I am that and more. ©Ramon Sturdivant


But When We Wake

I wait for you every night; Hoping to see your note lying, Just inside my apartment door I miss you I want you in my arms; I go to sleep, knowing you'll be holding your arms open for me, But only in dreams ©Ramon Sturdivant

But I Have Promises To Keep…

The blood pours, heavy as rain unrepentant sinners; calloused deeds gone good Each turn of the halo round your head The lesser shine of before A little wider, a little slower pieces of you fall off; pieces we've left behind Your bonfire burning merrily in the background, casting your shadows; entrancing the dance Rodeos of … Continue reading But I Have Promises To Keep…

That Old Rugged Cross

It hangs loosely around your neck Folded hands bobbing up and down Ulterior motives on a grander scale the begging, the whispering, the pleading, the promising Aren't you tired to drive all that way? The country rock god throws his pick into the crowd mullet and all It's too late, my panties are already in … Continue reading That Old Rugged Cross