State of the Boat. #2

Salutations, everyone!
Well well well, the New Year is upon us. I hope everyone is getting into the glorious and renowned “holiday spirit.” Although why anyone would want to be joyous, merry, and giving only during the months of November & December, then fail to do so the remainder of the calendar year is well beyond my comprehension, limited as it is…that’s for another time and another story.
Stop the Boat. Is now over 2 months old, so if you’re a teenage something relationship, gimme a call and let’s go on this fuckin anniversary date already. Ok, cruel yes but also true.
I do sincerely hope  (no this is not sarcasm) that everyone has been enjoying, well, me. Naked me. Naughty, I know. However, the insight is still apt and valid. I’ve decided to read some user mail and reply to questions you all may have, keep all of you avid (yes, all 5 of you, Mark, Jane, Susie, Bob from Minnesota, and my boy JC) fans have. So, without further ado!
“Ramon, just wanted to say love your stuff, especially the stuff no one likes! My question is simply, why does no one comment on your stuff? I ask because it sucks so bad you’d think more people would tell you how crap it is! – Bob from Minnesota
Well, Bob from Minnesota, let me just say thanks for reading! You’re the 10th reader, congratulations! Talk to Mary from HR and she’ll be happy to tell you what you’ve won! Next let me answer your question. Go fuck yourself Bob. I hate you, fucking die DIE DIE DIE!!!!
Ok, we’ll that’s about all the time we have for questions. Until next time, feel free to leave any comments or suggestions and be sure to send in those questions!


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