State of the Boat. 

To my followers (all three of you):
First allow me to apologize for being inconsistent. Apparently WordPress wants me to both 1) post daily, and 2) notify you (the reader) when I cannot.
Um, I’d say pschaw but it appears as if I’ve done #2 just now. I know, I know. Clever clever.

In case the three of you are holding your collective breath waiting for the next issuance of my thoughts, I implore you to not do so. I ask this for two reasons: 1) I’ve been sick, the flu I think, and can’t write too well when I am sick. As an example I refer you to the poem I just posted about going boom boom. 2) I’m currently crafting the first of a series of intertwining stories. Haven’t figured out quite yet what to call it, or them I should say. When I do, I’ll post another thingy about it, I guess.

By the way, I absolutely love that scene in Yes Man! where what’s her face with the eyes and the hair and whatnot starts talking to the regulars and she calls them out by name. Ya, I considered doing that just now but I’m too sick to bother with it.

Yes, I really am that lazy.

Until the next story, sorry not sorry you’ll be stuck with the library as it stands.



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