I’m Sorry, Did I Break Your Concentration?

I turn around and walk over to my desk. I prepare my brunch by finishing off the tequila. Just a couple of swigs, nothing major.


This Is What You Get

The cold night sky upon an exhalation Behind my back I stomp and shout Liquid burning as it enters my throat     whimpering, sniffling, shuffling     Shake their hands with plastered smiles The ululations slowly soothe the aches away     A yearning unheralded and unwanted As the trumpeter blasts merrily away, uncaring … Continue reading This Is What You Get

State of the Boat. #2

Salutations, everyone! Well well well, the New Year is upon us. I hope everyone is getting into the glorious and renowned "holiday spirit." Although why anyone would want to be joyous, merry, and giving only during the months of November & December, then fail to do so the remainder of the calendar year is well … Continue reading State of the Boat. #2