Just Another Manic Monday 

Every one looks miserable. Everything is sad and depressing. That includes the faux art scattered randomly without thought. Somehow that's even more so. The smiles are quick and docile. The words are curt. The window to your left opens to a purview of another building containing windows of its own. The bag lady at the … Continue reading Just Another Manic Monday 

State of the Boat. #7

This year is already almost halfway gone! Spring has come, promising sunshine and frolicking and picnics. Oh my. Sorry, had to be done.  The Boat. has produced some of its best work recently, in my humble yet retrospective opinion. I feel I'm definitely finding my niche and flavor. Difficult when your girlfriend won't let you … Continue reading State of the Boat. #7

The Last Will and Testament of Joey Velasco 

It's a solitary tree stranded amidst the lush green grass and dandelion weeds. The wind pulls the billowy circle of seeds into the air, a blizzard blinding the horizon and the white snow capped mountains past that. The dark clouds ominously flash as the electricity is practically humming in the air. A crack of thunder, … Continue reading The Last Will and Testament of Joey Velasco 

The Antidepressants Are Killing Joey Velasco

The antidepressants help. They let me forget about the look of your lips grimacing. The tears wash down with the water splashed on my face, rubbed away with backs of hands still wet from the time before. I'd stop and check but the hazard lights won't turn on anymore. Precariously shimmy on the teetering edge. … Continue reading The Antidepressants Are Killing Joey Velasco